International cooperation (ENERGIES)

Within the project, regular meetings take place including all members of the research team or members of sub-teams working on concrete publications. Until now, more than ten meetings took place.

"Kick-off" seminar                                                  

Kick _off _meeting.jpg

"Kick-off" seminar was organized on December 6-7, 2017. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the research design of the project itself as well as its individual parts. The members of the research team presented individual work packages, invited guests presented their own research and provided valuable feedback on the arguments and ideas given by the members of the research team. The invited guests included:

  • Karel Janda, Professor, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic;

  • Tomas Maltby, Assistant Professor, King's Colleague London, United Kingdom;

  • Andrej Nosko, Associated Fellow, CEU in Budapest, Hungary;

  • Kristina Rimkunaite, Vilnius University, Lithuania.

The kick-off seminar provided the team members with a good opportunity to discuss their ideas and allowed them to gain experience in development of research design. The seminar provided platform to discuss energy policy ideas and a space to establish close contacts with the participants, fostering future research cooperation, project planning and publishing on energy policy.


Workshop “Energy Humanities: What We Know and Where We Are Going”

Energy humanities 10.05..jpg

On May 10, 2018 a workshop “Energy Humanities: What We Know and Where We Are Going” took place at the Comenius University in Bratislava. The workshop aimed to bring together scholars from a variety of disciplines to discuss the history, present state, and future discussion of a vibrant and relevant field of scholarship: energy humanities. The meeting had vast international participation, with academics from the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Croatia, Israel and Slovakia. The presentations and discussions were aimed at exploring an emerging interdisciplinary field of energy humanities, seeking to link human research approaches to energy transformation.

·      In January - February 2018 Matúš Mišík carried out empirical research in Croatia which is currently preparing for the construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, serving as a major means of diversification throughout the region of Central and Eastern Europe, thus increasing energy security in the region.

·      In November - December 2018, interviews were carried out in Brussels, the Czech Republic and Hungary, aiming to examine the issue of nuclear power in the Vyšehrad Region. The interviewees were individuals from the Permanent Representations to the EU and Ministries of the corresponding countries.

·      Juraj Marušiak conducted two short-term research visits in Belgrade in August and October  - November 2018, where he examined relations between Serbia and Russia in the field of energy policy as part of the Serbian effort to move closer to membership in the European Union.