„Crises, Democracy and Governance in a Differentiated EU“

  • Department of Political Science 10 Tobrucká Bratislava, 811 02 Slovakia

More info here: www.politologiauk.sk/phdschool

Department of Political Science, Comenius University and Centre for Territorial and International Studies FiF UK in cooperation with ARENA – Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo invite you to join Ph.D. Summer School on political integration and differentiation in Europe „Crises, Democracy and Governance in a Differentiated EU“ June 20 – 24, 2016. 

European Union as a political structure offers variety of forms of co-operation and integration, ranging from association agreements, membership in the European Economic Area, membership in the EU to membership in the Schengen Area and Eurozone. During the Summer School we will cover each individual forms of association and their consequences for the respective member states. Participating Ph.D. students will learn crucial insights from the most up to date theoretical developments and analytical approaches within the field of studying institutional change in democratic governance in Europe. At the same time, the Summer School will offer Ph.D. students, as well as experienced foreign and Slovak academics, platform to exchange ideas and gain new perspectives on differentiation in Europe. The Summer School is open to all Ph.D. students, in relevant fields of study, interested (not only) in European integration, democratic governance and legitimacy. 

Issues we wish to focus on during the Summer School include, but are not limited to:

  • What are the sources of crises in the EU and how is the political structure of EU adapting to these?
  • What are the consequences of various forms of association in relation to the integration processes in the Union?
  • How do the governing institutions on the EU and national level adapt to crises and processes of differentiation?
  • What are the consequences of deep integration in Eurozone for Slovakia while its Visegrad neighbours remain outside?
  • What are the consequences of decision-making processes in the EU for the quality of democracy in Norway and other associated countries?

Summer School’s academic coordinator: Jozef Bátora, Department of Political science, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University