Spring University Debates 

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Spring University Debates

26/04/2017, 10:00-12:30, N-212, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University 

Questions for Debate

1. On May 25, 2017 NATO leaders will convene at a summit in Brussels. What are your expectations of the summit? Will it cement the transatlantic ties and strengthen the security of allies or will NATO commence to slide along the path rhetorically labeled as “obsolete”?

2. Shortly, Presidential elections will take place in France. And in September, Germany will have its parliamentary elections. What do you believe lies ahead of us? A reconfirmed European path or submission to the new trends of raising populism and nationalism?


From October 2016, MESA10 and Center for Euro – Atlantic Studies (CEAS) continue to work with two universities from Serbia (the University of Belgrade and University of Novi Sad) and two from Slovakia (Comenius University of Bratislava and Matej Bel University of Banska Bystrica) as partners for the project. The project expanded to include a university from: Bosnia and Herzegovina (International University of Sarajevo), from Montenegro (University of Montenegro) and from Moldova (Academy of Economic Studies of Chisinau). Workshops and debates will be broadcast online onto all the participating universities and students in the audiences will be able to ask questions.


Project “Strengthening Debating Skills and Promoting Democratic Values among Youth” is initiated and managed by MESA10 from Slovakia and CEAS from Serbia. Participiting universities are Comenius University of Bratislava (Slovakia) and Matej Bel University of Banska Bystrica (Slovakia), University of Belgrade (Serbian) and University of Novi Sad (Serbia), International University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), University of Montenegro (Montenegro), and Academy of Economic Studies of Chisinau (Moldova). Project is supported by National Endowment for Democracy.





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