Mgr. Matej Navrátil, PhD.

Matej Navrátil is fellow researcher at Comenius University focusing issues of organization theory, identity studies, European Union, foreign and security policy of the EU and Europeanization of Balkans. Matej received his PhD from the Department of Political Science and graduated the Department of European Studies and International Relations at Comenius University in Bratislava. He spent a full semester as visiting scholar at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). Matej has actively participated in numerous international and national conferences, including the Annual International Studies Association convention. In his PhD Matej explored institutional and administrative changes in Ministries of Foreign Affairs in selected countries as a consequence of Europeanization beyond the EU borders. He co-authored two book chapters international scholarly volumes (one of them published by Palgrave) and other working papers focusing on the EU’s role in crisis management and foreign policy in general. Since 2019 he is also Associate Researcher at European Council on Foreign Relations.


  • Bátora, J. and Navrátil, M. (2016): Extending the EU Security community amidst Conflict: The Case of Ukraine in External Governance as Security Community Building: The Limits and Potential of the European Neighborhood Policy. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

  • Halás, M. and Navrátil, M. (2015): Political Science in Slovakia: A Field Divided or champ doublé? in Political Science in Europe, eds. B. Kraus-Mozer, M. Kulakowska, P. Borowiec and P. Scigaj. Jagelonian University Press.