Výskumné semináre Katedry politológie FiF UK
Research Seminars, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University

LS 2016/17, summer semester

  • Feb 16, 14.00 Political Determinants of Women’s Representation in the 2014 Czech and Slovak Local Elections, Daniel Klimovský Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Comenius University
  • Mar 9, 14.00, Participácia žien ako cesta k „skroteniu“ krajnej pravice? Možnosti a limity kvalitatívnej a kvantitatívnej analýzy. Darina Malová Professor, Department of Political Science, Comenius University Petra Ďurinová PhD candidate, Department of Political Science, Comenius University
  • Mar 28, 11.00, Cyberwar Strategies in Europe. (room G236) Lior Tabansky Fellow at Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center / PhD candidate in Political Science on Cyberspace in National Security Perspectives, Tel Aviv University
  • Apr. 27, 14.00 Relational Class Analysis: Methods and Practices, Amir Goldberg Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
  • May 4, 14.00, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the New Member States of the European Union But Were Afraid to Ask: The State of the Art. Matúš Mišík Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Comenius University
  • May 26, 14.00 Political Leadership in the Trump Era (title tbc), (room G236) Stephen Walt Professor, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

ZS 2016/17, winter semester

  • 10.11. Andrei Miroiu (National University of Political Studies, Bucharest), A Theory of Armed Groups
  • 24.11. Aneta Világi (KPOL), Komunikácia tém medzinárodnej politiky a bezpečnosti v SR: analýza postojov verejnosti a expertnej komunity v oblasti verejnej diplomacie
  • 1.12. Jozef Bátora (KPOL), Reinvigorating the Rotating Presidency: Slovakia and Agenda Setting in EU Foreign Policy
  • 8.12. Caroline Batka (KPOL), Privatization of Warfare and Institutional Change: Theory and Methods for Evaluation


  • 7.10. Erik Ringmar (Lund University), Recognizing recognition: A few addititional thoughts
  • 20.10. Ana Benje (KPOL), Empowering and Disempowering Effects of EU SymbolsAna presented her PhD. research that seeks out new empirical methods of measuring European identity with the help of (social) psychology methodologies. Theoretical studies of European identity abound, however, there appears to be a significant void in terms of empirical studies, particularly of qualitative nature. We have, therefore, set ourselves to design an experiment, aimed at producing unpremeditated views on European Union, the relationship between the EU and the Member State, and the participant’s (citizen’s) implicit view of the three objects. 
Ana Benje, 20/10/16, Research seminar

Ana Benje, 20/10/16, Research seminar